Does R&R Fulfill Custom Orders?

Yes we do! 

When creating a custom made piece, the possibilities are truly endless. You have complete control of every aspect of the piece, including the shape and size of the item; the diamond, gem-stone, and metal type; as well as the overall style and look of the piece.

R&R Jewelers actually specializes in custom made jewelry, including custom made engagement rings. Our in-house team of diamond and jewelry experts can assist you in creating your dream ring. If you already have an idea of what you’re after, that’s great! We can get right to work. If you’re still unsure of exactly what you want, we can definitely share our input and professional opinion to guide you in the right direction.

One of the greatest sources of ring inspiration is the internet. R&R can literally take any image you see online and create it from scratch.

You can either contact us here (this will be a link) or over the phone at (insert phone number here).

I Don't Know My Ring Size, Can R&R Help?

R&R’s expert jewelers can accurately determine your ring size and adjust your ring accordingly. Ring sizing is done on premises and takes about 2-3 hours to complete (this may vary depending on the workload of the jeweler that day). We offer several other sizing methods such as ring guards, ring balls, and a ring bar.

Does R&R Do Repairs?

R&R Jewelers houses the most brilliant and skilled craftsman jewelers who specialize in a variety of repairs. We are your one-stop, full service destination for all your jewelry repair needs.

Does R&R Offer Polishing Services?

Overtime, ring wear and tear, dirt, oils, and lotions tend to diminish the luster and shine of diamond jewelry. Polishing, in turn, revives dull and worn out jewelry to its original appearance. Our expert, in-house polisher, is a master in his craft. Once polished, jewelry looks brand new. This process takes about 1-2 hours, but may vary case to case.

I Want to Either Replace My Stone, Tighten it, or Receive a Prong Replacement, Can You Help?

We highly encourage you to have your jewelry inspected and maintained every 6-8 months to prevent from precious diamond loss or damage. On a daily basis, jewelry, especially rings, tend to receive a lot of beating. This is common and completely natural, however, sometimes this can lead to the loosening and falling out of stones. If this is the case, no worries. We are able to tighten any loose stones or replace any missing diamonds or gems. Prongs also tend to wear and wither overtime. Our jeweler is able to reinforce and rebuild prongs as needed.