Choose a Diamond

The round brilliant diamond has always been the go-to shape for an engagement ring for its classic and timeless appearance. For most consumers over the years, it was an easy choice—go with the round diamond. It has always been and will always be the most popular shape, not to mention it has the most brilliance out of all the diamond options. However, nowadays, it isn’t quite that simple. With so many diamond shape options out there, how do you choose which shape best reflects your partner’s personality and style?

In today’s day and age, it is very common for couples to begin the engagement ring process together. Meaning, if your partner wants you to know exactly what they want in an engagement ring, let them. It’s a big step in life and its certainly a big purchase, why take the chance?! If you’re certain your partner will be head over heals for a classic round brilliant diamond in a solitaire setting, go for it. There’s probably no need to involve your other half in the process. However, if there is any doubt in your mind, you definitely want to know what your partner is into—at least the center stone shape and style of ring setting. An alternative option is to check out your partners social media pages. See what they’re liking on Instagram and Facebook. What does their Pinterest board look like? This can definitely give you some sort of direction.

Choose a Setting

Once you’ve decided on the diamond shape, next step is to choose the ring setting. There are a handful of settings that are considered timeless—solitaire, diamond pave, and three-stone to name a few. It can definitely be overwhelming to choose a setting, especially with all the options out there. I would start with the classics. Try to imagine which design would leave your partner speechless and in awe! Again, there is no harm in involving them, to some degree, in this step.